Band Lineup

Markus Allen Christopher : Lead Vocals & Guitar
Kim Racer : Bass Guitar
Jimmy Z. : Drums & Vocals
Major Tom : Guitar & Vocals


A generation ago, historic rock artists like Alice Cooper, David Bowie, and KISS showed your parents that they were not living in the 50's or 60's anymore. These legendary acts incorporated stunning imagery and stage theatrics to elevate the standards of rock performance worldwide. Many 90's bands such as Marilyn Manson, Slipknot, and afi continued the tradition in spirit, all while blazing their own sonic trails. Now, from the streets of San Francisco comes a new hope, a band whose ambition is to re-ignite the flame, passion, and theatricality of rock and roll....and turn it on it's head....

M!SS CRAZY has exploded out of the California Bay Area onto the current music scene to breathe new life into the seemingly dying landscape of arena rock, to bring back the power, the thunder, and the spectacle of the genre while honoring the visual standards set forth by their forefathers.

Some might compare M!SS CRAZY to others they grew up with, citing such riff-heavy melodic acts as Def Leppard, AC/DC, Kix, and Cinderella. But that was then....This is NOW! No other major band today sounds like M!SS CRAZY....and no other band today can compare to the sonic promise offered by their music and extraordinary live performances.

M!SS CRAZY was born out of an intense love of hard, in-your-face, anthemic, fun rock n' roll, a genre with such a solid and respected past, laden with imagery and relying not simply on a unique look, but drawing strength and inspiration from the sheer power of their music.

M!SS CRAZY offers listeners an opportunity to taste something of the glorious past forged by their influences while also providing an exciting twist of their own that generates excitement and shivering electricity that propels their sound into the future....


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LP : M!SS CRAZY - M!SS CRAZY (2006 - RonnielandMetal Mayhem Music)

"All for You " - " Can't Get Enough " - " My Life is Over " "My Way"



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